About Liquid Rubber | Liquid Rubber
About Liquid Rubber | Liquid Rubber
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New Zealand’s Leading
Provider of Liquid Rubber

What is Liquid Rubber

Liquid Rubber is quite literally a liquid rubber that can be applied to most surfaces to form a waterproof layer. It is simple to apply yourself using a roller, brush or a specialised spray machine. It cures to form a tough, durable and waterproof fully adhered flexible membrane (aka a protective layer) which prevents water ingress and resists damage from UV, salt, thermal cycling and harmful chemicals.

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Why Liquid Rubber?

Liquid Rubber has proven to be successful time and time again due to its simple, efficient and safe application. Once applied to a substrate, Liquid Rubber acts as an adhesive and bonds extremely well to the substrate, curing to form a highly flexible and seamless rubber membrane. This seamlessness means there are no joins, which is where traditional waterproofing methods can fail. Liquid Rubber’s ease of application also means that people of all ages can easily apply the product.

Just a few of Liquid Rubber’s Benefits are as follows:

  • 100% seamless waterproof membrane
  • Instant set liquid product available – cured to touch in seconds
  • Non-toxic, no VOC’s, environmentally friendly
  • Directly apply over rust, no priming or sandblasting required
  • Products proven Worldwide for over 15 years
  • Bonds to almost every substrate
  • Can be applied to original substrate ie. butynol gutters and roofs
  • Tested up to 50 years (ASTM D573 and ASTM D412)

Family Owned and Operated
in New Zealand

Liquid Rubber was started in 2012 when Elliot saw the need for a safe, easy to use waterproofing product. “We wanted a product that would be easy to use to suit the large kiwi DIY market but also a product that could effectively waterproof large areas and provide a cost effective solutions for building owners.”

A few years later Elliot’s Father, Murray, jumped on board, making this a unique ‘Son and Father’ business. Elliot and Murray are passionate about ‘filling holes and stopping drips’. “Through Liquid Rubber, we provide a pretty extraordinary product that provides a reliable and cost effective solution to your holes, leaks and drips.” Why replace an entire roof or gutter or deck when you can fix the leak yourself with a product that is so easy to apply ‘your 80 year old Grandma could do it’.

Our People

Recognised DIY & Commercial
Solution Worldwide

Liquid Rubber’s manufacturer has been successfully developing products for over 15 years and has distributors in over 26 countries around the world. They are experts in their field and are continuously striving to develop new technological breakthroughs in waterproofing and protective coatings. On that note, we have the latest innovations in firesafe coatings and soil stabilisation for roading coming soon so watch this space.