Liquid Rubber Commercial Waterproofing Solutions | Liquid Rubber
Liquid Rubber Commercial Waterproofing Solutions | Liquid Rubber
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Liquid Rubber Commercial
Waterproofing Solutions

Liquid Rubber Applicators

If DIY really isn’t your thing or you have a large commercial or industrial project, we have certified Liquid Rubber Applicators who can take care of everything for you – from the washing down of your surface to applying Liquid Rubber in a safe and professional manner.

Our Applicators undertake intensive training and testing before gaining Liquid Rubber Certification. They follow our rigorous processes and use the latest in waterproofing applicator systems. Our commercial Liquid Rubber product is also customised to each individual job and can only be applied using a Certified Liquid Rubber Applicator’s system.

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Commercial Applications

Liquid Rubber’s Commercial instant set, spray applied membrane is in a league of it own. It is perfect for spraying over your existing butynol, metal, concrete or plywood roof. Why rip up the existing substrate when Liquid Rubber can be sprayed directly over it saving you time and money?

Liquid Rubber is also a quick and efficient system for waterproofing below ground foundations and tanking. We also have the solution for any rust, leaks, aesthetic issues and many other surfaces and applications.

Commercial Uses

Some examples of Commercial Jobs Liquid Rubber is suitable for are as follows:


  • New construction over plywood
  • Butynol roof re-waterproofing and repair
  • Torch down (including Butanol) re-waterproofing and repair
  • Internal gutter re-waterproofing and repair
  • Rusty metal roof coatings and repair
  • Corrugated Iron rust and leak repair
  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin ) Roofing rejuvenation and repair
  • Concrete Roofs are prone to cracking and porosity. If left unprotected, they will degrade at an alarming rate. Liquid Rubber offers full waterproofing protection to keep a leak free roof for many years to come.
  • Mod-Bit / Torch Down Roofs. These Roofs begin to break down over time and an easy rejuvenation solution is to bridge the joints with Liquid Rubber Seam Tape and coat with Liquid Rubber A-205, S-200 or B-200. For about a quarter of the cost, you can add approximately 10 years to the roof.

Metal and tank waterproofing

  • Rust protection
  • Tank repair
  • Pipelines
  • Marine
  • Anti rust coatings
  • Metal roofs have been around for many years and have leaked for many years. There hasn’t been a solid solution to achieve that water-tight roof until now. The Liquid Rubber MetalSafe System provides a long lasting waterproof membrane which is easily applied.


  • Concrete
  • ICF’s
  • Concrete Pipelines
  • Parking Structures
  • Foundations are the first line of defence against water infiltrating the home. This is not the place to skimp out and use damp-proofing (only slows water from coming). Liquid Rubber Waterproofing stops water from penetrating.

Non-Slip Flooring

  • Winery floors
  • Butanol Decks
  • Concrete Decks
  • Warehouse flooring

See How Easy it
is to Apply

Liquid Rubber applied 3 Course Method using Geo Textile
Liquid Rubber applied to Mod Bit or Torch Down Vent
Example of Instant Set Applicator Machine
Example of Spraying Machine Over Concrete

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