How to Apply | Liquid Rubber
How to Apply | Liquid Rubber
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How to Apply

Simple Steps to Waterproofing just about anything.

Liquid Rubber products are designed to be easy to apply for the average Kiwi. Below is a brief overview and some helpful tips of how to apply. For more detailed, product specific instructions download our Product Information Sheets.

Applying Liquid Rubber:
  1. Ensure a clean, dry surface free from dust, dirt, oils, surface flaking, poorly boded or glossy paint, sealers, varnishes, salts or any other contaminants.
  2. Use Acetone as a conditioner on EPDM Roofs.
  3. Bridge joints, seams, cracks, vents etc with Liquid Rubber Seam Tape or use GEO Fabric as per instructions on product.
  4. Apply Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant with brush, roller or spray gun. Apply just like you would apply a layer of paint.
  5. Liquid Rubber cures to touch in seconds but the product does need to be left to cure and completely dry for 12 hours before topcoats are applied.
  6. Repeat. Apply a minimum of 2-3 coats and for a 1.5mm dry film thickness.
  7. Use all material up for final membrane.
  8. Apply your desired Topcoat product – Liquid Rubber Textured Topcoat or Liquid Rubber Smooth Topcoat with a brush, roller or spray gun (spray gun for Smooth Topcoat only). Again, apply just like you would apply a layer of paint. Only one layer of Topcoat is required.
  9. Leave to dry and cure for 24 hours.
  10. Clean equipment with soap and water before product cures and dries. Baby oil helps remove product from hands.
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Helpful Tips

  • Dust or dirt can cause loss of adhesion
  • Apply the next coat when the product is dry to the touch
  • Product applied too thick may cause cracking or other imperfections. Better to do more coats than one thick coat
  • For larger areas, you can pour out and spread with a squeegee or roller
  • Apply material until you use up the required amount
  • Apply above 5C
  • Curing time depends on temperature, humidity and airflow, please refer to product information sheets
  • Avoid hot, direct sunlight during application
  • Avoid walking on waterproof sealant in direct sunlight
  • If you have used Painters Tape, remove while still wet
  • Wear disposable gloves to help with clean up
  • Do not use on TPO Roofs
  • Do not paint over smooth or oily surfaces or over silicon

See How Easy it
is to Apply

Liquid Rubber applied 3 Course Method using Geo Textile
Liquid Rubber applied 3 Course Method using Geo Textile
Example of Instant Set Applicator Machine
Example of Spraying Machine Over Concrete

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