Our Poeple | Liquid Rubber
Our Poeple | Liquid Rubber
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Our People

Liquid Rubber NZ is owned and operated by Elliot Guy and his father, Murray. Aside from a mild golf obsession, the other passion these kiwi blokes have in common is a passion for their business.

Elliot Guy

When it comes to Liquid Rubber, Elliot is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and passionate. He has completed many Liquid Rubber ‘jobs’ himself both in NZ and abroad, has applied Liquid Rubber to a huge number of surfaces and has an advanced level of technical knowledge about the product. You are much more likely to find Elliot in his steel cap boots than in a business suit and if you call Liquid Rubber for advice, chances are you will even speak to the big man himself!

Murray Guy

Murray is in charge of retail side of the business and specialises in providing technical information and support to Liquid Rubber’s stockists and customers. Murray has been involved in the commercial building industry for 25 years so is extremely practical and knowledgeable. If you are interested in stocking Liquid Rubber, give Murray a call.

Recognised DIY & Commercial
Solution Worldwide

Liquid Rubber’s manufacturer has been successfully developing products for over 15 and has distributors in over 26 countries around the world. They are experts in their field and are continuously striving to develop new technological breakthroughs in waterproofing and protective coatings. On that note, we have the latest innovations in firesafe coatings and soil stabilsation for roading coming soon so watch this space.