Re waterproofing Butynol Roof | Featured Projects | Liquid Rubber
Re waterproofing Butynol Roof | Featured Projects | Liquid Rubber
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Re-waterproofing Apartment Butynol Roof

Liquid Rubber was called in to re-waterproof this Apartment building after the current butynol substrate was failing. Unlike conventional roofing membranes, Liquid Rubber can be sprayed directly over the existing substrate reducing time and money and also doesn’t expose the interior to rainy weather . This 450m² roof was completed in a little over 5 days. Firstly the surface was powerwashed and then the seams were then painted over in Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant before being sprayed with Liquid Rubber Instant set membrane. This was then painted over with Liquid Rubber A-200  that has excellent UV resistance and its Solar Reflectivity Index rating over 0.9 to help meet cool roof requirements. The result is now a complete seamless membrane fully adhered to the older substrate. More importantly no more leaks!!

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