Testimonials | Liquid Rubber
Testimonials | Liquid Rubber
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‘We had a leaking buytnol roof that we needed fixing asap. We called Liquid Rubber liking the idea of not removing the substrate. They came in, cleaned the roof, patched all the joins then sprayed out the roof before adding a UV topcoat. They were in and out very quickly and best of all, no more leaks.’

Steve, Auckland

‘I had an internal gutter that would have been too expensive to replace. I wanted to do this myself to save money and was really surprised how easy the Liquid Rubber was to work with. I just tipped it out and spread it with a roller and it worked amazing. It went over the rust and prevented any further leaking.’

Alastair, Whangarei

‘We had a leaking motorhome and had been looking for age for a cost affective solution. We were surprised when we read about Liquid Rubber and decided to give it a go. We were amazed how easy it was to use. We rolled the seam tape out over the joins then painted the Waterproof sealant over the roof. Really stretchy so can take the vibrations of the road and we are really happy with it’

Tina, Wanaka

‘I was having huge issues trying to find a product to go over my butynol deck. Really wanted to do this myself to save money so I was stoked when I came across Liquid Rubber. I rolled 3 coats of the textured coating out over the deck after waterproofing the joins with the waterproof sealant and geofabric.’

Craig, Wellington